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Pupdate No. 4: Cali

From left: Cali and her sister Juno are well-behaved
pups bonding with their owners more each day
One of the so-called “killer pups” is a star in her obedience classes and gets along fine with humans and canines alike. Cali, a 40-pound beautiful little pit mix graduated recently from a basic obedience puppy class at A Better Way Dog Training taught by Bob Gutierrez.

Cali has now graduated to the intermediate class, and her owner, Vicki Hancock, couldn’t be more proud. In addition to her obedience classes, Hancock also takes Cali to a weekly puppy social to further her socialization with other dogs and people. Her goal is to get Cali certified as a Canine Good Citizen. “She is so good with the [obedience] training I was told that she would be a good contender for obedience competition.”

If you’re not familiar with the story, Cali and her seven siblings were categorized as “vicious and dangerous” and slated to be euthanized, but after some pressure, San Francisco Animal Care and Control finally agreed to allow rescue groups to take the puppies. (Read the complete story, “The case of the killer puppies” online at All eight puppies are now in new homes throughout the Bay Area, undergoing training and blossoming in a big way.

“Cali is a very happy, healthy dog and is just growing so fast that it’s uncanny,” Hancock explained. She “is laid back and takes life as it comes,” getting along great with everyone, including her new stepsibling, Smokey. “She is a perfect fit with our family and we couldn’t imagine life without her now.”

Next month’s Pupdate No. 5 focuses on the third killer puppy, Zin.

– Ed Attanasio


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