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Knit one, pearl two
By Lynette Majer

Are you a knitter? If so, I envy you – I think. Knitting always seemed like something I would do one day – you know, I’d be one of those calm-looking knitters who seem unfazed their flight is delayed or a child is screaming in seat 10B, or who watch sports alongside their husbands, knitting and pearling away, saying, “Yes, dear, that was a wonderful play.” Well, I’ve never graduated beyond that 3x5-inch swath from Girl Scouts because I haven’t the patience or whatever else it takes, but if you do, here’s a great way to put all that to use for a great cause.

St. Anthony’s is having a holiday knitting donation drive and calling all you knitters to knit scarves that it will then distribute to the homeless and disadvantaged during the upcoming winter season. (Yes, we know up until recently that has seemed liked the last several months, but the true winter season.) Now, a scarf has to be on the top-of-the-list easy, right? No patterns to follow, just a long row of the same stitch, no?

So here’s the scoop in brief:
• Use any yarn but cotton (because cotton holds moisture)
• Choose a color that won’t show soil easily
• Make the size 5–6 inches wide and 58–60 inches long

St. Anthony’s goal is 2,500 scarves by Dec. 15, so either knit on your own or get together with your fellow knitters to set a group goal. You’re also welcome to join St. Anthony’s Knitting Group that meets the last Saturday of the month where everyone can knit for the common good.

For more information and to pledge the number of scarves you’ll knit, visit St. Anthony’s website at, send them an e-mail at, or give them a call at 415-241-2600.

Happy knitting!


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