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From Switzerland to NYC and on to San Francisco: Artist Chrissy Angliker
By Ed Attanasio

Chuck Close
by Chrissy Angliker
Recently signed with Amelia Hyde Gallery, Chrissy Angliker is ready to wow the Bay Area in a big way with her impressive paintings. Within the last year, the Swiss artist, who has been based in Brooklyn for the past 11 years, has received numerous accolades in galleries, on influential blogs, and from big names such as AOL and the Swiss government. It’s a product of her remarkable artistic abilities, her hard work, and, she said, the simple act of displaying her images on the Web.

“I was reluctant for quite some time to put my paintings on the Internet, but when I did, I was very surprised and pleased with the results. Blogs started writing about me and pretty soon I was getting offers for gallery showings and other projects,” Angliker explained.

One of those projects was a branding design job from Internet giant AOL. Angliker was selected as one of the artists, a collection of 35 designers, illustrators, videographers, painters, filmmakers, photographers, and sculptors, assembled to celebrate its 25th anniversary and, according to AOL, to “help, share art and design today.”

“This was a great project, and I had an opportunity to meet one of my idols, painter Chuck Close,” Angliker said. “To be associated with a big company like AOL is an honor and very flattering.”

In addition, Angliker was recently chosen as one of the top artists of her homeland. Her paintings were recognized as part of an annual juried show sponsored by the Swiss government. She is excited about reconnecting to her Swiss roots after so long in the United States.

“In the fall of 2011, my work will be displayed with 20 other various artists from Switzerland. I want to share my paintings with my Swiss friends and associates and this is a wonderful way to do it. Many apply every year to be involved in this project, so I am very enthused to be one of the people who got picked.”

Angliker’s paintings eventually made their way to San Francisco from New York City this summer, at the new Amelia Hyde Gallery, and NorCal art enthusiasts are enamored with her work. She hopes to come to the City by the Bay and to possibly live here at some point, because she loves the art scene and the creative energy.

“Yes, I love San Francisco. The hills here remind me of my Switzerland, and the people are able to chill more around here as compared to Brooklyn. I hope to get out there sometime in 2011 to display more of my paintings and meet other artists from the Bay Area.”

Chrissy Angliker art exhibition: Amelia Hyde Gallery at Mscape USA, 521 Sixth Street (at Brannan), 415-990-2043,

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