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Burning hot dance show extended through April at Post Street Theatre
By Bruce Bellingham

DancingBurn the Floor, a terrifically entertaining dance experience, originally scheduled to close March 15, will now play through April at San Francisco’s Post Street Theatre.

There is a San Francisco connection that made the show even better (if that’s possible) for me. Within minutes of the start of the red-hot dance extravaganza, one petite firecracker caught my eye with her bouncy black curls and supersonic hips. Whenever she was on the stage, I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Giselle Peacock is the lone Bay Area native in a cast of international talents that hail from Sydney to Slovenia.

When Peacock was interviewed recently, she was asked how it felt to perform in her hometown. She was quick to reply, “I’ve danced all over the world, but nothing – nothing – is like playing here in San Francisco.” She’s a four-time U.S. Latin dance champion who trained for much of her competitive career in the Bay Area. Fans might recognize her from NBC’s recent Superstars of Dance.

Peacock and the other 15 world champion dancers in Burn the Floor have been tearing up the stage nightly since early January, showing local audiences that in this production, ballroom has come a long way since our grandparents’ day – no stiff formality, shellacked hair or semiformal attire. Replaced by a seductively sensual and playful intensity with a modern edge, it shatters the old-fashioned ballroom mold forever. It was thrilling to watch.

Especially breathtaking was Peacock and her Superstars partner, Henry Byalikov igniting the stage with their samba. Byalikov spins her so many times, she loses count. “I lose track,” laughs Peacock. “[It] depends on how many shows we’ve done that day.”

It seems a bit odd to say, but Burn the Floor is great family entertainment for any age. My 23-year-old super-hip friend who saw the show with her equally hip gal pal was so blown away, she told me she didn’t want the night to end. I gave tickets to my dance-obsessed nieces, ages 10 and 12, who attended with their father and 80-year-old grandmother from Russia. That was two weeks ago and all four are still thanking me for one of the best nights of their lives.

Don’t miss this show.
Burn the Floor: Post Street Theatre, 450 Post Street, in the Kensington Park Hotel; through April, tickets $49–$100 at 415-771-6900 or

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