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So you want to look sexy?
The lace-up bodice in Prabal Gurung’s spring collection defines sexy (photo:

Most of us want to look sexy now and then, especially around Valentine’s Day. Often a sexy outfit is just for private viewing, but sometimes it is appropriate to add a little sex appeal in public. Here are some tips on how to get the sexy balance you want.

Let’s start with the obvious category – women’s lingerie. It doesn’t take a lot of creativity to imagine sexy lingerie for women. Most of us would visualize something with lots of lace and silk, skimpy on the body in rich or neutral colors. There is a lot of wonderful sexy lingerie on the market. It definitely has a place in the bedroom. The downside of sexy underwear for women is it doesn’t look good under party or everyday clothes. Most of the lace creates lumps and bumps, the bras usually do not have enough support, and the panties are a bit uncomfortable and not smooth enough. So if you want to wear sexy lingerie, I suggest wearing it at home with not much else.

Party clothes are another story. Sexy party clothes are fun and intriguing. What makes a sexy outfit for women? The most obvious answer here is showing some cleavage. Of course, if you are lucky enough to be well endowed then this is pretty easy for you. What if you are flat-chested? You can still look as sexy as you want. You can have a dress or top with an open back or a top with low-cut armholes so as you move your body is revealed. Mini dresses are sexy as are tight longer dresses with a slit in the front, back or side. The point to remember is to leave something to the imagination. Don’t show too much, but just enough.

Most men and women think high heels are sexy. The better you can walk in the heels the sexier you will appear. Don’t wear shoes that make you stumble and bumble; that is not sexy. Showing toe cleavage (girls know what this is) is very sexy. So a high heel with toe cleavage that you can walk in will make many outfits instantly appear sexy.

Women have many choices for adding a piece of sexy clothing to their outfits. Something sheer, something lacy, something slit, something tight, something short. The list is long but one sexy item will do the trick.

Everyday clothes can look sexy as well. Mix and match fabrics to create an alluring look. A sheer top worn with a heavier military jacket will look sexy. Be careful to keep the revealing items appropriate for the situation – it can look trampy to wear sexy pieces in a business setting.

Men can enhance their sexy quotient with their clothing as well. I think men look sexy in well-cut clothes. A suit that fits perfectly is great. Men’s clothes have become more body conscious in the last decade. Items cut close to the body are sexy. This means slim pants and jackets with high armholes, not pleated full slacks or large oversized armholes. Men look good with open collars or tight fitting t-shirts (think Anderson Cooper). I love this look.

Women and men can look sexy as they age; you don’t have to be young to turn heads. The key is to be age appropriate, flatter the best parts of your body, and leave something for the imagination. Don’t overdo it. Think about your audience and the venue, then go for it.

Micki Turner is a Bay Area image consultant and can be reached at 

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